Peninsula Secure Mailboxes

Why have locking mail boxes become a necessity in our neighborhoods?

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  • Why spend money on a locking mailbox
  • A secure mailbox can prevent your personal information from being stolen
  • They serve as your own PO box
  • With its large storage capacity, you can go on long vacations without having to stop your mail 
  • They dramatically reduce the risk of identity theft
  • In short A secure mailbox provides peace of mind

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Click here to read a disturbing article on identity theft in our own Bay area.

10 Ways To Protect Against Mail Theft

    A locking mailbox is a quick and easy way to protect you and your family from a crime that is on the rise in the Bay area.
It can be months before you know a piece of mail has been stolen. It could also take a very long time to repair your damaged credit.

The Thief Is In The Mail

    It's getting more dangerous now to leave credit card offers, financial and bank statements just sitting by the side of the road.
A thief can easily steal sensitive personal information like bills, medical, or social security numbers.

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